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    Расписание работы секций будет опубликовано 18 сентября 2018 г.

    *Страница обновляется по мере принятия статей.

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада
    Секция 1. Материаловедение и физикохимия материалов
    1.1.3Victor G. Shmorgun, Artem I. Bogdanov, Alexander O. Taube
    Analysis of Thermal Stresses in Layered Composite Ad1 + Cr20ni80 + M1 After Heat Treatment
    1.1.4Nina A. Adamenko, Galina V. Agafonova, Andrej V. Kazurov
    Effect of Explosive Processing on the Structure and Properties of Polyarylate
    1.1.7Konstantin N. Vdovin, Igor M. Yachikov, Kirill A. Danilyuk
    Model for Solidification of the Working Layer of the Roll in the Chill of the Centrifugal Machine
    1.1.8I.V. Gervasyeva, V.A. Milyutin, D.I. Davidov, Yu.V. Khlebnikova
    The Use of Hydroextrusion for Plastic Deformation of Magnetostrictive Iron-Gallium Alloys
    1.1.9Hussam L. Alwan, N. Lezhnin, Yu. Kopobov
    Analysis of the External Conditions Affecting on the Cavitation Resistance of a Steel
    1.1.10A.P. Iakovleva
    Improving the Durability of Machine Parts Using a Combined Method
    1.1.14Nikita A. Zavarceva, Nadezhda T. Kareva
    Determination of Polymorphic Transformation Temperature for Alloy VT8
    1.1.16A.V. Ryabov
    Medium-Carbon Free-Cutting Steel
    1.1.17K.L. Smirnov, E.G. Grigoryev, E.V. Nefedova
    SiAlON-TiN Ceramic Composites by Electric Current Assisted Sintering
    1.1.18Vladimir Afanasyev, Marina Popova, Irina Zhibinova
    Improving Strength of Structural Steels by Preheating in an Oxygen-Containing Medium
    1.1.19Vera V. Berezovskaya, Valentina A. Sharapova
    Structural Transformations Influence on Mechanical-and-Physical and Chemical Properties of Fe-Cr-Co Alloys in Heating
    1.1.20T.V. Shveyova, V.I. Astashchenko, A.I. Shveyov
    Shot Blasting of the Cemented Gear Parts
    1.1.22Georgy Shimov
    Methodology and Installation of the Etching of the Surface Layer from Pipes, Rods and Profiles for the Aim of the Analysis of Residual Stresses
    1.1.24E.N. Eremina, A.S. Losev, S.A. Borodikhin
    Structure and Characteristics of the Metal of the Cr-Ni-Mo-Mn-Si-Ti-Nb System Obtained by Surfacing with a Flux-Cored Wire Alloyed by Boron Carbide
    1.1.25Alsu A. Yusupova, Galina A. Medvedeva, Alexander A. Bobrishev
    Technology and Properties of Composite Materials with Modifier of Chloride Aluminum
    1.1.26Natalia V. Romanova, Lenar N. Shafigullin, Azat T. Gabdrakhmanov
    Research of Polyethylene in Products of Autocomponents
    1.1.28Viacheslav V. Avdin, Valeria V. Trunova, Aleksandra V. Bulanova
    Nanostructured Yttrium Oxide Obtained by Hydrolysis of Yttrium Sulfate
    1.1.32Oksana N. Gruba, Julia S. Dvoryashina
    Modeling and Calculation of Thermochemical Characteristics of Crystalline Vanadium Oxides under Standard Conditions
    1.1.33O.V. Samoilova, E.A. Trofimov, E.R. Vakhitova
    Effect of Cerium and Lanthanum Additives on the Phase Composition of the Copper-Nickel Alloys
    1.1.34Vitaly Smolko, Elizaveta Antoshkina
    Measurement of Complex Dielectric Permittivity of Quartz Systems
    1.1.35Elizaveta Antoshkina, Olga Rakova, Andrey Efremov
    Investigation of NiO – Al2O3 – SiO2 Properties via XRD, FTIR Techniques and Thermal Analysis
    1.1.36A.N. Dildin, V.Yu. Gerasimov, O.V. Zaitseva
    The Structure of Multi-Layer Composite Material Obtained by the Method of Diffusion Welding
    1.1.38Nikolay A. Popova, Kseniya I. Lugovaya, Arcadiy Yu. Zhilyakov
    Features of the Formation of Structure and Phases in Single-Crystal High-Temperature Alloys and Their Effect on Mechanical Properties
    1.1.39Viacheslav V. Avdin, TatyanaV. Mosunova, Artem V. Bogdanov
    Influence of pH and Synthesis Duration on the Composition and Thermal Behavior of Hydrolysis Products of Lanthanum Nitrate
    1.1.42Аinagul Toleuova, Bakhyt Balbekova, Irina Erakhtina
    Optimization of the Composition and Structure of Deformable Heat Resistant Aluminum Alloy
    1.1.43G.G. Mikhailov, L. A. Makrovets
    Thermodynamic Modeling of the Processes of Interaction of Calcium, Magnesium, Aluminum and Boron with Oxygen in Metallic Melts
    1.1.60А.S. Nuradinov, L.H-A. Saipova, N.S. Uzdieva
    Influence of the Intensitivity of Electromagnetic Mixing in Continuous Casting Machine Crystalizer on the Formation of Grade Blanks
    1.1.61D.A. Mirzaev, K.Yu. Okishev, A.A. Mirzoev, A.N. Makovetskii
    Austenite to Ferrite Transformation Kinetics in Fe–9 %Cr Alloys. I. General Kinetic Analysis
    1.1.62Igor V. Bakina, Gennady G. Mikhailov, Valery A. Golubtsov, Ivan V. Ryabchikov, Ludmila E. Dresvyankina
    Methods for Improving the Efficiency of Steel Modifying
    1.1.63Aleksey N. Shulgin, Aleksandr A. Dyakonov, Anastasia E. Gorodkova
    Influence of the Glassfiber Filaments Distribution on Quality and Performance of Hole Processing on Printboards
    5253Galina I. Shcherbakova, Maxim S. Varfolomeev, Pavel A. Storozhenko
    Solution to technological problems of raising the reliability and quality of castings based on titanium alloys
    5280O.V. Bashkov, H. Khon, V.I. Zaikov, I.O. Bashkov, A.I. Evstigneev
    On-line registration of damages in composite materials with fiber-optic acoustic emission sensors
    5335Vladimir I. Mironov, Olga A. Lukashuk, Ivan S. Kamantsev
    Experimental Study of Strain-Softening Stage in Materials
    5352Raisa K. Mysik, Sergey V. Brusnitsyn, Andrey V. Sulitsin
    Differential Thermal Analysis of Complex Alloyed Brass
    5404Alexander Thoemmes, Ivan Ivanov, Alexey Ruktuev
    Characterization of Ti-xNb (x = 25 – 35) alloys in as melt and annealed states
    5415Ivan N. Egorov, Svetlana I. Egorova, Viktor P. Kryzhanovsky
    Particle Size Distribution and Structural State Analysis of Mecanically Milled Strontium Hexaferrite
    5440V.G. Shmorgun, D.V. Pronichev, V.P. Kulevich
    Influence of Thermal Exposure on the Structure and Phase Composition of Aluminized Layer Obtained by Explosion Welding and Hot-Dipping Process
    5517V.N. Pustovoit, Yu.V. Dolgachev, L.P. Aref`eva
    Features of Martensitic Transformation in Steel During Quenching in a Constant Magnetic Field
    5519A.G. Illarionov, S.V. Grib, A.V. Huppeev
    Effect of the Quenching Temperature on the Phase Composition and Young?s Modulus of Corrosion-resistant and Biocompatible Titanium Alloys
    5549Dmitry Kruchinin, Olga Paramonova, Elena Farafontova
    Change of a State of the Optical Parts Surfaces Made of K8 Glass After Polishing Completion
    5579Alexey V. Bogomolov, Alibek N. Zhakupov, Almaz B. Kuandykov
    Efficiency of thermocycling treatment application for hardening casing pipes from steel 09G2S to strength group Q125
    5599Alexey Rodichev, Alexander Babin, Andrey Gorin
    Experimental Studies of Wear Resistance of Anti-Friction Coatings of Bimetal Fluid-film Bearings
    5631Alexey Stolbovsky, Elena Farafontova, Vita Vyatchina
    Regression Model of TCLE of Low Melting Glass of System MgSO4-KPO3-Na2B4O7
    5648Svetlana A. Gudkova, Danil A. Uchaev, Denis A. Vinnik
    Powder diffraction and dilatometric study of SrFe12O19
    5694Mikhail V. Maisuradze, Maxim A. Ryzhkov
    Hardenability of Medium Carbon Cr-Mn-Mo Alloyed Steels
    5695Mikhail V. Maisuradze, Alexandra A. Kuklina
    Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Heat Treated Steel Part Microstructure and Hardness
    5786O.M. Kanunnikova, V.V. Aksenova, G.A. Dorofeev
    Ball-milling stimulated mechanochemical processes in the system "titanium – toluene"
    5868Vladimir I. Pastukhov, Irina A. Portnykh, Mikhail L. Lobanov
    Effect of mesostructural elements on radiation-induced porosity in 16Cr-19Ni-2Mo-2Mn-Nb-Ti-V-P-B austenitic steel
    5951Boris Yur'ev, Vyacheslav Dudko
    Development of Capillary Tube Production Technology
    5976Vladimir I. Pastukhov, Sergey S. Khvostov, Mikhail L. Lobanov
    Effect of grain boundaries type on carbides precipitates in tempered martensite
    5983Boris Yur'ev, Vyacheslav Dudko, Andrey Korelin
    Research of Annealing of Tubes from Steel SHKH15
    Секция 2. Теория и технология пирометаллургических процессов
    1.2.5Аrseniy O. Artemov, Stanislav V. Naumov, Michael N. Ignatov
    Technology and equipment for plasma electric arc granulation of fused welding flux
    1.2.7Olga V. Belousova, Ksenia V. Kostina
    The Analysis of the Influence Of Manufacturing Practice Of Anode Paste On Its Consumption
    1.2.10Oleg V. Zayakin, Ilia N. Kel’
    Promising Directions for the Stabilization of Ferroalloy Production Slags
    1.2.11Leonid A. Smirnov, Oleg V. Zayakin
    The Time and Heat Dependence of the Nitrogen Distribution upon Steel Alloying with Nitrided Manganese
    1.2.12M.F. Gafarov, А.V. Senin, E.A. Gafarova
    Modeling of Material and Heat Balance of Ferromanganese Blast Furnace Smelting Using Computer Environment Lasarus
    1.2.13Alexander D. Drozin, Maxim V. Dudorov, Natalia M. Yaparova
    Non-Equilibrium Crystallization of a Eutectic Alloy. Mathematical Model
    1.2.15V.I. Zhuchkov, V.A. Salina, A.V. Sychev
    Тhe study of the process of metal-thermal reduction of boron from the slag of the system CaO-SiO2-MgO-Al2O3-B2O3
    1.2.16Leonid Levkov, Dmitry Shurygin, Mikhail Kisselman
    New possibilities of ESR for modern machine engineering
    1.2.17Leonid Levkov, Denis Pankratov, Dmitry Shurygin
    Iron oxidation state analysis in ESR slag
    5381Boris Yur'ev, Vyacheslav Dudk
    Development of the Process for Obtaining Iron-ore Pellets with Required Metallurgical Properties
    5441Boris Yur'ev, Vyacheslav Dudko, Anna Shageeva
    Kinetics of Siderite Ore Roasting in the Shaft Furnace
    5443Nadezhda Cheremiskina, Nikolay Loshkarev, Vladislav Lavrov
    Research of the thermal work of the drum-type chamber furnace with a constant temperature of the working space
    5444Natalia Shchukina, Nikolay Loshkarev, Vladislav Lavrov
    Study on thermal operation and design of ring furnace of the pipe rolling plant
    5536A.G. Ryazanov, А.V. Senin, O.V. Khmeleva
    Zinc ferrite decomposition by sodium carbonate and calcium oxide at roasting of steelmaking dust
    5538V.I. Matyukhin, S.Ya. Zhuravlev, A.V. Khandoshka
    Development features of thermal and gas-dynamic performance of mineral wool cupola furnace
    5539V.I. Matyukhin, S.Ya. Zhuravlev, A.V. Khandoshka
    Particular oxydation features of vairous mechanical strenght cokes
    5634Alexey Shapovalov, Roman Dema, Olga Kalugina
    Improvement of agglomeration technology by a sinter mix preheating
    5708Anatoly A. Babenko, Vladimir I. Zhuchkov, Natalia I. Selmenskih
    Effect of boron on the microstructure and mechanical properties of low-carbon tube steel
    5767S.P. Salikhov, A.V. Roshchin
    Direct Reduction of Iron from Crystal Lattice of a Complex Oxide
    5768K.I. Smirnov, S.P. Salikhov, V.E. Roshchin
    Solid-Phase Reduction of Iron from Suroyam Titanomagnetite Ore During Metallization in Rotary Kiln
    5803P.A. Gamov, A.D. Drozin
    Mathematical Model of the Reduction of Metals from Complex Polymetallic Types of Ore Applicable to the Electron Mechanism
    6131E.A. Devyatykh, T.O. Devyatykh, A.N. Boyarsky
    Survey of methods of refining catalysts for the extraction of platinum group metals
    Секция 3. Теория и технология гидрометаллургических процессов
    1.7.2Oleg A. Dizer, Denis A. Rogozhnikov, Stanislav S. Naboichenko
    Hydro chemical investigation of dissolving sulfide gold-bearing raw material of Uderey deposit
    1.7.4R.E. Rusalev, D.A. Rogozhnikov, S.S. Naboichenko
    Nitric acid treatment of Olimpiada deposit refractory gold-bearing concentrate
    1.7.5Konstantin Timofeev, Vasilii Kurdiumov, Gennady Maltsev
    Sorption and Membrane Technologies for Mine Water Purification
    1.7.6A.A. Nabiyeva, N.A. Kulenova, S.V. Mamyachenkov
    Studying kinetics of arsenic recovery from copper drosses by alkaline sulfide leaching
    1.7.7Nina V. Nemchinova, Andrey A. Tyutrin, Vladimir V. Somov
    Study of Influence of Parametrs of Leaching Fluorine from Spent Pot Lining
    1.7.8Almaz Kozhonov, Zheenayym Maymanova, Aleksei Kritskii
    Choice of efficient technology for aged enrichment tailings processing
    1.7.9O.A. Dryuchkova, R.A. Bykov, Mamyachenkov
    The ways of development of combined hydrometallurgical technology for processing of complex ores’ beneficiation tailings
    5546K.D.Naumov, K.A. Karimov, A.M. Klyushnikov
    Complex rare earth minerals sulfate decomposition techniques investigation
    5547V.G. Lobanov, K.D. Naumov, A.A. Korolev
    Theory of copper-electrolyte slimes decoppering in the presence of hydrogen peroxide
    5548O.Yu. Makovskaya, K.S. Kostromin
    Leaching of Non-Ferrous Metals from Galvanic Sludges
    5692V.B. Chernyshov, A.A. Shoppert, V.I. Sarapulova
    Improvement of stirred tank for aluminum hydroxide seeded precipitation
    5874O.Yu. Makovskaya, T.D. Polshina
    Application of inorganic Fe(III)-based sorbent for arsenic sorption
    5970A.A. Shoppert, I.V. Loginova, V.N. Pismak
    Investigating of a low-grade copper concentrate desilication by alkali pressure leaching
    6232Anton Kovyazin, Konstantin Timofeev, Sergey Krauhin
    Copper smelting fine dust autoclave leaching
    Секция 4. Современные проблемы литейного производства
    1.3.2R.V. Gavariev, I.A. Savin, I.O. Leushin
    To the Question of Casting Alloys of Non-Ferrous Metals in the Metal Mold
    1.3.4A.D. Shlyaptseva, I.A. Petrov, A.P. Ryakhovskii
    Prospects of using titanium dioxide as a component of modifying composition for aluminum casting alloys
    5253Galina I. Shcherbakova, Maxim S. Varfolomeev, Pavel A. Storozhenko
    Solution to technological problems of raising the reliability and quality of castings based on titanium alloys
    5577Viktor A. Kukartsev, Vladislav V. Kukartsev, Vadim S. Tynchenko
    The Experience of Liquid Glass Mixture Using for Alphaset Process in Russia
    5679Viktor A. Kukartsev, Vladislav V. Kukartsev, Vadim S. Tynchenko
    Specialty of Сarbon-carbid-cilicic Mixture using (UKKS) as Substitute of Recarburizing Agent and Ferrosilicon for Grey Iron Melting
    5964I.E. Illarionov, T.R. Gilmanshina, A.A. Kovaleva
    Perspective Methods of Graphite Quality Improving
    Секция 5. Обработка материалов давлением
    1.4.4M.V. Kharchenko, V.N. Kononov, E.S. Zambrgitckaya
    Elastohydrodynamic friction mode as a method of surface finishing excluding burnishing
    1.4.6Aleksey Antimonov, Nadezhda Pushkareva
    Fuel Pipes Coil Drawing Line Production for Diesel Engines
    1.4.7Aleksey Antimonov, Nadezhda Pushkareva
    Surface Pressure Treatment of Titanium Alloy Bars by Transverse Rolling
    1.4.10R.O. Tkacho, V.V. Kukhar, E.S. Klimov, A.H. Prysiazhnyi
    Development and Application of Tube End Forming Process with Combined Swaging and Local Differential Pre-heating
    1.4.12Arkady M. Mikhailenko, Danil L. Shvarts, Sergey O. Nepryakhin
    Generalized Model of Section Two-Roll Rolling. Geometry of the Zone of Deformation
    1.4.13Valery L. Dilman, Tatyana V. Karpeta, Aws Nedal Dheyab
    Stress-Strain State of a Plastic Layer under Compression by Two Rigid Parallel Rough Plates
    1.4.14E.V. Timakov, F.S. Dubinskiy
    Numerical Analysis and Simulation of the Straightening Process of Heavy Rails on a Horizontal Roller-Straightening Machine
    1.4.15Dmitry Pavlov, Alexandr Bogatov, Elena Pavlova
    The investigation of roll and mandrel calibration influence on metal forming during pipe rolling on a short mandrel by the use of a computer simulation
    1.4.16Vladimir P. Volkov, Denis R. Salikhyanov, Ivan S. Kamantsev, Aziret A. Shamshiev
    Development of a Method of Forging Long-length Blanks with Intensification of Shear Deformation
    1.4.17Vladimir Toporov, Aleksandr Bogatov, Danis Nukhov
    Study of the Tubular Billets Geometric Characteristics During Computer Simulation of the Rotary Piercing Process
    1.4.18O.H. Kurpe, V.V. Kukhar
    Development and Optimization of Flat Products Manufacturing at Rolling Mill 3200
    1.4.19Andrey A. Udalov, Aleksander V. Udalov, Sergey V. Parshin
    Influence Of The Profile Radius Of The Deforming Roller On The Limit Degree Of Deformation In The Process Of Flow Forming
    1.4.20Anatole Pellenen, Nadezhda Kareva, Vasiliy Ivanov
    Studies on technological features of obtaining thin bimetallic brass-aluminum-brass strips
    1.4.26L.V. Radionova, V.A. Ivanov, S.S. Strugov
    Study of force and kinematic parameters of the low-waste, zero-draft hot forging of welding neck flanges on the basis of a combined expansion-extrusion deforming procedure
    1.4.27Ludmila V. Radionova, Viacheslav V. Shirokov
    Studies Of Influence Of Process Parameters On The Strain Rate At High-Speed Wire Drawing
    5314A.G. Illarionov, Yu.N. Loginov, S.I. Stepanov
    Structure and Mechanical Properties of Electrical Copper Wire Processed by Coarse and Medium Drawing
    5331Abdrakhman Naizabekov, Sergey Lezhnev, Evgeniy Panin
    Experimental study of energy-force parameters of combined process "rolling - ECA-pressing"
    5433Yaroslav Erisov, Fedor Grechnikov, Alexandr Kuzin, Igor Bobrovskij
    Texture Evolution during Hot Deformation of Al-Cu-Li-Mg-Zn-Zr-Sc alloy
    5878Vladimir N. Shinkin
    Residual Stresses in Elastoplastic Bending of Round Bar
    5879Vladimir N. Shinkin
    Tubes’ Rupture at Faulty Fusion of Welding Seam
    Секция 6. Теория и технология сварочного производства
    1.5.3Vladimir P. Sidorov
    Calculation of Modes of Arc Welding Under the Flux of Double-Sided Butt Joints
    1.5.4Yu.S. Davydov, Yu.S. Korobov, A.Yu. Davydov
    The influence of the electrode extension on the welding-technological characteristics of pulsed arc welding using cored wire
    1.5.7Azat T. Gabdrakhmanov, Irek H. Israphilov, Azat T. Galiakbarov
    Research of laser welding of thin-sheet structural steels by pulsed laser radiation
    1.5.8S. Dmitriev, V. Malikov, A. Sagalakov
    Measuring system for studying quality of welded joints of titanium plates by using subminiature eddy current transducers
    1.5.10S.V. Anakhov, Yu.A. Pyckin, A.V. Matushkin
    About Raising of the Gas Vortex Stabilization Efficiency in Plasma Torch for Metal Cutting
    1.5.18Voldemar Muktepavel, Victor Murzin, Vyacheslav Karpov, Arthur Kurakin
    Research on welding and processing behavior of electrodes and features of their application in "wet" underwater arc welding
    1.5.20А. Ilyushchanka, I. Charniak, А. Kusin
    Production of porous permeable materials by electric current sintering of metal powders, fibers and nets
    1.5.21Ivan A. Ilin, Anna A. Krasnoperova, Evgenii A. Sirotkin
    Effect study of thermal cutting methods on the edge’s microstructure of high-strength steel grade S700MC
    1.5.22M.A. Ivanov, A.G. Alruhaimi, S.I. Voronin
    Dependence of Cold Cracks Formation from the Heat Input When Welding of High Strength Steel with Yield Strength of 500 MPa
    5402Stanislav V. Naumov, Аrseniy O. Artemov, Kirill I. Belousov
    Research on plasma electric arc granulation processes of Ural region mineral raw materials to welding materials for submerged arc welding
    5968A.L. Romantsov, M.A. Fedorov, D.G. Lodkov
    Austenite Decomposition Kinetics In Laser-Hybrid Welding Of Steel Of Strength Class K52
    Секция 7. Аддитивные технологии
    1.6.1Denis Levashkin, Pavel Ogin, Vasilyev Fedor
    Efficiency of hybrid cyclic processing with the use of additive technologies on CNC machines for the manufacture of composite aviation parts due to the reduction of processing errors
    5268Yu.N. Loginov, S.I. Stepanov, S.K. Grekhov
    Properties Anisotropy of Additive Manufactured High-porous Titanium Alloy with Non-equiaxial Cellular Structure
    5960Evgenii Borisov, Anatoly Popovich, Vadim Sufiiarov, Igor Polozov, Alexey Orlov, Dmitry Masaylo, Viktoriia Sokolova
    Formation of structure in titanium lightweight structures made by selective laser melting